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Adventure under the open sky - with the right bivy sack in all weather conditions.

In a bivy sack, outdoor enthusiasts are well protected from the elements such as rain, cold and wind. A bivy sack is more than a conventional sleeping bag, because bivy sacks usually consist of waterproof fibers on the bottom and a breathable, waterproof top. You can simply pull your bivy sack over your sleeping bag. Depending on the size, it is even possible to add a sleeping or insulating mat to it. The special thing about a bivy sack is that a kind of air cushion is created between the bivy and the sleeping bag. This provides an extra "portion" of warmth and thus improved sleeping comfort. Modern bivy sacks can be closed so far that even the face of the user is well protected. In this respect, such outdoor equipment can certainly be considered like a mini tent.

An indispensable must-have for outdoor fans, and not just in an emergency
Risk-taking nature fans, but also alpine climbers, mountaineers and hikers cannot do without a bivy sack. In an emergency, such a "tent substitute" is worth its weight in gold.

There are three different types of bivy sack

  1. The emergency bivy is often more of a "one-time survival sleeping bag" that is absolutely waterproof and windproof. However, this also means that the moisture you secrete during sleep is not also released to the outside. Because that is exactly what is often not the case here.
  2. Standard bivy sacks are the refined form of the emergency bivy. They last much longer, offer far more comfort and are characterized by good breathability. Nevertheless, the problem of condensation is not completely eliminated even with these models.
  3. Bivy bags with poles are comparable to a tent. The implemented frame ensures that you can enjoy a certain "headroom" while sleeping. This is important if you really want to close the bivy up to over your face. An example of such a bivy tent is the Snugpak Stratosphere.

Standard Length Bivy Sacks

Our standard-length bivy sacks are perfect for hikers and adventurers of all sizes. They are lightweight, sturdy, and offer optimal protection against wind and weather. The materials are breathable, keeping you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. With a standard-length bivy sack, you’re well-prepared for any outdoor venture.

Extra Length Bivy Sacks

For taller individuals or those who prefer more space, we offer bivy sacks in extra length. These are equally reliable and durable as our standard models but offer additional room for comfort and mobility. With an extra-length bivy sack, you’ll have ample space to stretch out and enjoy a restful night in nature.

Bivy Sacks with Side Zipper

Our bivy sacks with side zippers offer convenient entry and are especially handy in situations where quick packing is necessary. The side zipper allows for the bivy sack to be opened and closed quickly and efficiently, saving time and enhancing comfort.

Bivy Sacks with Central Zipper

The bivy sacks with a central zipper are an excellent choice for those who value easy access. The central zipper offers a generous entry and makes getting in and out easier, especially when carrying heavy gear.

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Seize the opportunity to equip yourself with the high-quality bivy sacks from for your next outdoor expedition. Buy now and experience the pristine nature with the comfort and protection that only our bivy sacks can offer. Perfect for adventurers and nature enthusiasts!

It pays to look for quality when buying new bivy sacks. Especially if you plan to spend several nights "in the wild". In general, it is advisable to assemble the equipment wisely and to be clear in advance about what demands will be placed on it. Whether as a one-night event or as part of a nature expedition lasting several weeks - it always depends on the value and functionality of the Equipment.

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