Lifesaver Legend 6000UF Bottle

Water filter bottle with ultrafiltration technology - reliably filters viruses, bacteria, fungi and cysts - activated carbon eliminates bad taste - replaceable filter cartridge up to 6000 litres - Fail Save when reaching the end of its life - Intuitive operation (filling, pumping, drinking) - flow rate 2.5l/min - mass: 35 cm × ø 19-21 cm - weight: 1.08 kg

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LifeSaver Legend 6000UF - Ultrafiltration Water Bottle

If you do not have access to a reliable source of clean drinking water, the LifeSaver Legend 6000UF Filter Bottle allows you to filter up to 6000 liters of safe drinking water from natural sources such as rivers, lakes, and ponds. The LifeSaver Legend Filter Bottle helps you stay hydrated at all times and protects you from viruses, bacteria, parasites, and cysts in the water. With the optional activated carbon filter, you can remove unwanted flavors from your water.

No matter where you are, the supply of drinking water must be guaranteed! Whether you are outdoors, in survival, emergency situations, or for emergency storage, LifeSaver Legend 6000UF offers you absolutely reliable protection against viruses, bacteria, or cysts that can be found in water.

The LifeSaver Legend 6000UF is equipped with a replaceable cartridge that filters up to 6000 liters of water. What is special about this water filtration system is the size of the particles filtered out. LifeSaver Legend filters particles with a size of 15nm, while other filter systems filter particles with a size of 200nm. Once the maximum filtration capacity is reached, the filter cartridge closes and prevents you from drinking contaminated water.

Cleaning the Legend 6000 is easy and requires no tablets, no pushing and no boiled water. The LifeSaver Legend flat filter produces clean, sterile drinking water without a foul taste - quickly and easily!

The LifeSaver Legend has been used by the British military since 2007. The British Army has thousands of Legend bottles in use worldwide. LifeSaver meets all European, British and American drinking water regulations for microbiological reduction and has been tested and certified by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. In addition, the Legend filter bottle has been tested by an independent testing institute to meet the requirements of NSF Protocol 231.

Features of LifeSaver Legend 6000UF Bottle

  • Highly efficient filter technology
  • Filters all pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, cysts etc.
  • bottle storage capacity: 750 ml
  • Tested by an independent test institute and conforming to NSF Protocol 231
  • Filter cartridge life: 6000 litres
  • cartridge closes at the end of its life "Fail Safe"
  • Intuitive operation - Filling, pumping, drinking
  • sponge as a pre-filter and for water extraction in places difficult to access
  • Reduces the turbidity of glaciers, turbid or muddy water
  • Rugged construction for tough applications in demanding environments
  • Easy cleaning - without chemicals, boil or scrub
  • All materials are both BPA- and BPS-free
  • Manufactured in Great Britain
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very practical, it is really lifesaver
5 from 5

I am an environmentalist filmmaker so I spend a lot of time on the field. Sometimes there is no clean water to be found for a couple of hours which makes the whole experience very difficult. There have been times that I had to drink water from ponds on the way and it caused me health issues. now with lifesaver legend I no longer worry about having clean water. Its an excellent product.

Roshanak A., 08.09.2020 Verified purchase
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