Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Tactical Pen
Tactical pen with glass breaker and high-quality gel ink refill - conical tungsten steel tip - multifunctional, lightweight and robust - writes anytime and anywhere - for emergency situations and self-defense - TC4 titanium body - robust titanium clip - length 14.2cm - weight 37.7 grams

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NiteCore NTP20 Titanium Tactical Pen

The NiteCore NTP20 is a titanium tactical pen for extreme conditions that can be used as a tool for self-defense and escape. In addition to daily writing tasks on virtually any surface, the NTP20 is used for tactical defense or to escape from life-threatening situations.

Tungsten steel conical tip
The tungsten steel tip serves as a glass breaker to break windows, as well as an effective tool for self-defense or marking almost any type of material. Tungsten steel is very hard and follows right after diamonds on the Rockwell scale.

Glass cup
In an emergency, use the tool to break window glass to provide a possible escape route.

Ballpoint pen
High-quality Schneider gel ink refill enables precise writing on virtually any surface and in virtually any situation. Writing underwater, on greasy surfaces, in extreme cold or heat, even upside down is no problem for the Schneider refill.

Ergonomic design
The CNC-machined NTP20 Tactical Pen is made of titanium alloy (TC4), it features light weight, extreme ruggedness, excellent resistance to corrosion and good skin-friendliness. The ergonomic design makes the NTP20 comfortable to hold. Anti-slip knurling increases friction resistance and prevents slipping.

Universal pen cap with clip
The pen cap can be screwed onto either side of the Tactical Pen. The streamlined clip makes it easy to attach the Nitecore NTP20 to your pocket, shirt or backpack. The ceramic bead integrated into the clip features high strength, long life and good clamping force, which prevents the clip from accidentally coming loose.
Features of the NiteCore NTP20 Tactical Pen
  • multifunctional, lightweight and durable
  • Ballpoint pen, works anytime and anywhere
  • High quality, replaceable gel ink refill
  • conical tungsten steel tip
  • Glass breaker
  • Self defense tool
  • TC4 titanium alloy body
  • Robust titanium stainless steel clip
Technical specifications of the NiteCore Tactical Pen NTP20
Product nameNTP20
PurposeWriting instrument
Glass breaker
tactical use
CaseTitanium alloy (TC4)
TipTungsten steel, conical
RefillSchneider Gelion 39 ballpoint
Spring tip0.5 mm
Head lead2.5 mm
Lead length98 mm
Length pen14.2 cm
Weight37.7 g (incl. refill)
Colortitanium gray
Scope of delivery
  • NiteCore NTP20 Titanium Tactical Defence Pen
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Very practical and useful tool
5 from 5

If you came to this page you certainly know what a tactical pen is used for. For writing (yup, for that too!), for braking a car window in emergency need, for self defence - or else.
This pen has a very good quality Schneider gel ink cartridge where the ink is under gas pressure. Therefore the pen is capable of writing in all positions, also upside down. The ink is water and fade resistant, quickly drying and holds on a pretty impressive number of different surface materials, not only the obvious paper. I even tried it on an aluminium jar cup and it worked! I like the fact that the pen is pleasant to write with, not too heavy, not cumbersome in the hand. It feels in the hand like a solid writing instrument. Schneider sells several ink cartridges that you can use in this pen, thats good to know. I would not underestimate this writing capacity as you probably will use the pen for writing more than anything else most of the time.

The breaking window function is assured by the relatively small (looking like a normal ball pen tip) tungsten tip, very hard material indeed. In case you lack car windows that you would like to brake you can always enjoy scratching different materials with the pen tip and see the effect it has - you could be surprised how little pressure you need to apply to cause a visible scratch even on hard surface materials. It is yet another way how you could write with this pen (its tungsten tip) on some materials where a normal pen ink would not serve. You can mark steel conserves, paint containers etc. with it.

The self defence function of this pen is not independent on your self defence technique though. The pen will not fight for your defence without your defence skills, obviously. Therefore a basic training (you can learn from many YouTube videos) is useful if you want to defend yourself or somebody else with the tactical pen. I tried the pen first on a simple empty beer can and was surprised how easily you can perforate it right away. Next try was on a wood stump - again you can do a lot of damage to the wood even with a simple strong hit.

This tactical pen sits well in my hand without looking as an obvious defensive tool. Even after several beer can perforations and wood stumps exercises I did not find a single scratch on the titanium alloy surface of the pen. Obvious perhaps but still quite impressive.

One other fact I like about this pen is that it doesnt look beefy and doesnt shout about itself as a tactical pen. The overall size and weight is not conspicuous. It will not weigh down your breast pocket on your shirt in an unpleasant way. If you didnt know it is a tactical pen, mixing it together with other writing pens you would not discern it easily from the rest.
One more useful detail to notice - the metal cap that covers the end not in use of this pen is screwed to the pen (one simple turn is enough to secure it in its place). This fact makes it sure that you will not loose the cap while using the pen in a defensive action for ex. Not all tactical pens have this smart detail!
And one last thing - if you wonder what else this pen could be useful for - think of braking ice cubes for your drink..!

Overall I am satisfied I chose this pen for my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Jiri L., 23.11.2022 Verified purchase
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