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DrinkPure water filters are produced by Novamem and are ideally suited for outdoor, travel and emergency use. The mobile filter system DrinkPure is extremely robust and, thanks to its compatibility with PET bottles commonly used worldwide, can be used quickly. ... more...

The Drink Pure prototype was developed by ETH researcher Jeremie Nussbaumer. Committed ETH engineers continued to work on the intelligent small water filter until it was ready for series production. They then founded the start-up company Novamem AG in Schlieren, Switzerland, together. Initially, the newly founded company lacked the financial means to get production going. A way was found to get the company off to a good start on the market. Water is the elixir of life, an indispensable element. But what if you stay far away from civilization and make access to clean water impossible? Drink Pure, the small mobile water filter system, a PET bottle or the folding bottle from Drink Pure, that's the solution. The easily portable water filter is unique in its kind, nanotechnologically filters water naturally, without chemical additives. From murky ponds, lakes, rivers etc. you can get clean water in no time at all, without much effort. Almost 100% of odours and bacteria are filtered out of impure water, 99% of viruses. These values are based on reliable laboratory test results. Novamem is the first company in the world to produce water filters using nanotechnology. The filter housing is self-disinfecting and prevents the growth of bacteria. The revolutionary Drink Pure water filter makes drinking water a pleasure. Drink Pure, the useful companion on journeys, in nature, in developing countries, where filtered water is needed.