Primos Trigger Stick Étui Court
Etui pour Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 court - pour tous les modèles courts de la 3ème génération - plusieurs boucles, compatible Molle - bandoulière

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Date de livraison: 06.03.2024 - 11.03.2024 Étranger différent

Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 étui court

L'étui en nylon robuste pour le Trigger Stick Generation 3 de Primos. L'étui a différentes boucles et peut être facilement attaché à vos bagages ou porté avec une bandoulière.

  • Convient à tous les modèles courts de Primos Trigger Stick
  • Boucles ou système Molle pour une fixation facile à vos bagages
  • Bandoulière pour faciliter le transport
  • Protège le Trigger Stick pendant la chasse et le stockage
  • Trigger Stick non inclus
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  • Primos Trigger Stick Étui Court
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Buying the bag first
5 de 5

I have a bad habit. In order to justify buying expensive items, I buy the cheaper accessories first. Its a weird exercise in self-delusion, but there you have it. For example, Ive never bought an iPhone without getting the case first, sometimes several. The Primos shooting tripods are undoubtedly very pricey, especially outside the USA, and in some cases hard to get hold off - the short version of the Generation 3 tripod is unavailable on this site at the time of writing. This scabbard is even harder to source, but worth the effort. Robust and a perfect fit for the short Primos (something I only discovered later when I bought one!). Pretty rapid delivery despite me living in the post-Brexit UK. Recommended.

Nicholas F., 25.02.2023 #product rating.verifiedPurchase#
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