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Folding knife for your outdoor adventure

If you like camping or hunting, you absolutely need a good folding knife. This is crucial for survival and hunting. We are aware of this need of all real campers and hunters and therefore carry a wide range of such knives. Therefore every prospective customer will find the hunting folding knife or outdoor folding knife that will suit his taste.

Material of the folding knives

The blade of our folding knives is typically made of stainless steel or carbon steel. This makes them robust and durable. The handle, on the other hand, is usually made of rubber or plastic so that it lies comfortably and non-slip in the hand. This in turn reduces the likelihood of accidents - as does the locking of the blade. And in the event that the buyer has to work on particularly hard objects, we also offer models with a metallic handle.

Construction of folding knives

Many folding knives from our range are designed as pure knives. But there are also models which contain a lot of other tools besides the actual folding knife. These include bottle openers, strippers, glass breakers, belt cutters, screwdrivers and similar useful items. Therefore, the buyer will be prepared with them in any case.

Design of the folding knives

The design of our models ranges from classic to futuristic. The dominant colours are black or steel grey. But who would like it colorful, finds it with us also multicolored models. Therefore a visit to our online shop is worthwhile for all persons who are seriously interested in buying a high-quality and safe folding knife.
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