Bike lights

Bike lamps or bicycle lamps provide increased visibility for cyclists in darkness and bad weather conditions. This makes a significant contribution to your personal safety when travelling by bicycle. Particularly with retrofit bike lighting, the power supply is not provided by hub dynamos, but by batteries and rechargeable batteries. At you will find a wide selection of high-quality products and therefore certainly also the bike lamp that fits your needs.

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If you travel frequently and for long periods with your bicycle, functional and above all bright lighting is essential for your safety. This also applies, of course, if you use your bike for longer adventure trips, cycling tours and outdoor activities. A bike lamp that is designed to withstand the high stresses and strains of such use must meet a variety of requirements. If, for example, you are mounted on a mountain or trekking bike, you should operate independently of a dynamo using batteries or rechargeable batteries. These are rechargeable at best. You will find various versions of such bicycle lamps in our shop. In addition, it is recommended that a bike lamp is equipped with LED lights instead of conventional bulbs. Because LEDs require less energy, the bicycle lamp in question will last longer with one battery charge. In addition, LED bike lamps usually provide much better illumination of the lane due to their luminosity. If you order bicycle lighting from our shop, it is usually equipped with the latest LED technology.

Compact, powerful and high-quality workmanship

Our special mail order company for outdoor accessories offers you a wide selection of bicycle lamps from renowned brand manufacturers. Their products have already proven themselves thousands of times in practical use. They inspire just as much with their simple and comfortable handling as with their high-quality, robust and durable workmanship. For example, you can now find your new bike lamp from brands such as Fenix or SILVA, equipped with the latest technology, waterproof and specially developed for demanding outdoor enthusiasts. No matter whether you are looking for bike lamps or a tail light for your bike that is visible from afar, you will always find what you are looking for with us and at the same time benefit from permanently favourable conditions for high-quality brand products. Buy your new bicycle lamp conveniently and securely online now.

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