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Tactical Pens

Tactical pens are not only a high-quality ballpoint pen, but also a glass breaker or a means of self-defence in emergency situations. Tactical pens are the special tool for you if you have extravagant wishes. The NiteCore NTP10 Titanium, for example, has a 1.8 mm thick titanium alloy and is therefore indestructible. In addition, it is elegant and äesthetic and has a comfortable grip thanks to the milling and is super light.

Tactical pens: Help in emergency situations

No matter whether you need a glass breaker or something for self-defense in an emergency situation, a tactical peg is made of tungsten steel and therefore extremely hard. Compared to a diamond, tungsten steel is in second place (Rockwell scale 89-92.5 HRA). But not only this hidden device for self-defense is perfect, but also the high-quality gel ink refill. With it you can write a gentle stroke on any surface. You can write underwater, on greasy surfaces, in the heat, in the cold or over your head. The NiteCore NTP10 titanium ballpoint pen with glass breaker was developed for space flights (NASA). This hermetically sealed gas refill prevents the ballpoint pen ink from drying out. A tactical biros which, according to the manufacturer, should still be able to write after 100 years.

Tactical ballpoint pen with extreme impact resistance

The NiteCore NTP30 Titan, on the other hand, is a tactical ballpoint pen with high stability, extremely high impact resistance and high corrosion resistance. This ballpoint pen is equipped with a bidirectional locking mechanism that allows a quick change between the ballpoint pen and the conical tungsten steel tip. This tip can be used as a glass breaker to smash a window and also as a self-defense tool. Almost all materials can also be marked with this tungsten tip. The breaking of a glass pane can be a vital escape route for you.

Tactical pens and their forerunners

A tactical pen not only allows you to write accurately on any surface and support, you can also write in any situation. A pen cap is not necessary with the tactical pen. The bidirectional slider helps you to quickly switch between the tungsten steel glass breaker tip and the ballpoint pen function. You simply push the pen into the desired position and lock it in place. Especially the ergonomic design brings you further advantages and a noble design. The low weight, the high robustness (protection against corrosion) are also a big advantage of the NiteCore NTP30 Titan. Also the good skin friendliness. The robust, high-quality clip made of titanium makes it possible for you to attach the tactical pen comfortably to any shirt or bag.

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