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Nnight vision gear

Turn night into day. A night vision device enables visual perception in total darkness and finds application in various fields. Basically, there are two types of night vision devices; a digital night vision device relies on digital video technology using an infrared illuminator, while an analog night vision device is equipped with a residual light amplifier tube and is susceptible to bright light, unlike a digital night vision device.

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Digital night vision device with infrared

 Night vision devices are impressive. They allow you to observe game, are helpful in boating and are used as helpers in search operations at night. Basically, you can find the monocular or binocular night vision device in our online store. In the device there is an impressive technology such as the residual light amplifier, continuous digital zoom, the possibility of video recording with micro SD card as well as a Wifi connection. For example, the Bushnell Equinox Z Binocular 4x50 has an observation distance of 274 meters. Far enough to observe game while hunting in peace. State-of-the-art night vision devices allow clear vision during ventures in the dark. We have an extensive range of the most modern devices available for you. With devices such as the Pulsar Challenger, you have your hands free when hunting, because you attach these devices to your head. A smart combination to combine residual light amplifier, night vision and unrestricted movement.

Experience professional night vision

 Excellent night vision without limitations: Digital technology captures available light with highly sensitive image sensors. The integrated object lens is used, and the image is simultaneously transferred to a microdisplay. The Pulsar Challenger GS 3.5 x 50 has extra powerful features. A GEN 1+ (CF Super) image converter tube produces excellent images at a range of 300 meters. With a tare weight of 500 grams, it fits comfortably in your hand while hunting. Buy night vision equipment of high quality and fast shipping. We will deliver to your desired address without delay. Another option is the Pulsar Edge GS 1 x 20 HM night vision device. With infrared and residual light amplifier, it belongs to the new generation. The multifunctional, binocular goggles also offer high protection against environmental influences and adverse conditions such as dust or sand. Even in complete darkness, the device produces accurate images with a wide-angle illuminator.

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