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These backpacks will faithfully accompany you on all your tours. At Swiss-Sale you will find your new military backpack, emergency backpack, escape backpack or backpacks for relaxed trekking tours.##mehr##

Daypack from Snugpak

With a Snugpak backpack, you always have everything you need at hand in the hectic pace of everyday life. The Snugpak Xocet backpacks have a particularly robust design and can hold electrical appliances, drinks, provisions and accessories of all kinds. The Velcro strips make it easy to attach patches and APALS. So you are perfectly prepared for city, country and outdoor areas with just one backpack.

Backpacks for active everyday life

Whether student or adventurer, Nitecore backpacks provide reliable service in every area of everyday life. The rucksack can be secured with sleeping straps and zippers to secure the contents. A Nitecore backpack can also be used as an inconspicuous tactical backpack or classic emergency backpack. Always keep it ready without attracting the attention of others.

Army backpack in classic design

With the models Rocketpak, Sleeka and Endurance you choose a military backpack that is perfectly adapted to the requirements of long treks and holds up to 100 litres. This allows you to stow clothes, tents, blankets, provisions and much more safely and tightly tied. Long treks over several days or weeks become a little easier.

Find matching backpacks at

We offer you a large selection of different backpacks, whose compartments, loops and velcro surfaces have been designed for a specific purpose and yet visually appealing. Please note that you do not normally need a rucksack with a volume of more than 35 litres in active everyday life. In an escape or survival situation, however, a large backpack can save your life. When choosing a suitable backpack, you should consider what items, equipment, medicines, food and water you should carry and what weight you can carry. The Snugpak Bergen is a robust companion for experienced outdoor sportsmen, for a normal hike we recommend the Snugpak RocketPak or smaller models. As an escape backpack you should use one of the compact models if you want speed and flexibility.

Buy a backpack safely and quickly

At you only buy original branded goods at particularly favourable prices. Discover our offer and order today to receive your goods within 3 days within Switzerland.
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