Discover our diverse selection of gloves, specially designed for protection against the cold in all outdoor situations. From finger to mitten gloves, and multilayer systems - we have the right model for all needs, whether you are a photographer, a hunter, or an adventurer on Arctic expeditions.

High-quality gloves for every outdoor enthusiast

Multilayer Glove Systems

Our multilayer glove systems provide maximum protection against extreme temperatures and are perfect for winter sports enthusiasts, paragliders, photographers, hunters, and many others. Assemble your own system from inner and outer gloves to suit your needs.

Finger and mitten gloves

Whether you need finger gloves for precise work or mitten gloves for maximum heat output - we have the right model for you. Many of our gloves also feature special gripping properties so you can easily operate your smartphone or camera.

Gloves for photographers

Our finger gloves are designed to enable precise work. Special gripping properties ensure that you can operate your camera equipment without any problems, while your hands always stay warm.

Hunter Gloves

For hunters, we offer special models that provide maximum heat output and comfort. Whether stalking or sitting in a hide, our gloves reliably protect you from cold and other weather conditions.

Gloves for Arctic expeditions

Our multilayer glove systems are ideal for extreme weather conditions, as can occur on Arctic expeditions. Assemble your individual glove system from inner and outer gloves and defy the iciest temperatures.

Versatile material selection

Our gloves are made from different materials such as leather, textile, and wool. Each material has its own advantages in terms of heat performance and durability, thus meeting different needs.

Combined gloves for maximum flexibility

For those who do not want to commit to one type, we also offer combined models. These combine the advantages of finger and mitten gloves, offering maximum heat performance while simultaneously allowing for precise operation of devices.

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Whether you're a passionate photographer, hunter, or an adventurer on Arctic expeditions, at you'll find the perfect gloves for your needs. Protect your hands reliably from the cold and experience the comfort and quality of our products.

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