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Ropes & Attachment

Welcome to our category for ropes and fasteners. Here you'll find everything from sturdy duct tape to versatile ropes. These products are essential for any outdoor adventure, survival situation or DIY project.

Versatile ropes and fasteners for any adventure.

Explore our wide selection of ropes and fasteners, ideal for camping, hiking, survival training and more. With our selection, you can be sure you're ready for any situation.

High quality tapes for every situation

From Duck Tape to Gaffa to Panzer Tape, we offer a wide range of adhesive tapes. These products are known for their high tensile strength and durability. Ideal for quick repairs on the go or at home. Buy your tape today and be prepared for any challenge.

Repair Tape - The Reliable Helper

Whether camping, hiking or in everyday life, a repair tape should always be handy. With its strong hold and easy handling, it can become a true lifesaver in any situation. Discover our range and buy the right repair tape for your needs.

Tension ropes and paracord - Multifunctional companions

Whether for pitching a tent, securing luggage or as an aid in survival training, our tension ropes and paracords are versatile. They are characterized by their robustness, flexibility and durability. Buy your paracord or tension rope today and experience the diversity of these indispensable companions.

More ropes for your outdoor adventures

In addition to paracord and tension ropes, we also offer a variety of other ropes. Whether it's for climbing, boating, or as part of your survival kit, you'll find the right rope for your needs. Buy your rope today and be ready for your next outdoor adventure.

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