Blunt knives are completely useless. Therefore, it is always advantageous to have a knife sharpener at hand. If you like to travel in nature, you can put a handy diamond sharpener or another useful sharpener for your knife in your backpack. Then you will never again have the problem that something can no longer be cut.

Diamond sharpener for knives, axes, tools, etc.. - never again dull cutting edges!

There are very powerful sharpeners that are best placed on a workbench or simply on a table. The diamond stone is provided with different grit sizes, so that you can also carry out the final fine grinding in one operation after a rough grinding. With such a knife sharpener, blunt knives and scissors are a thing of the past. You can use such a diamond sharpener either wet or dry. It doesn't matter which variant you choose, your knives will be particularly sharp afterwards. Wet sharpening results in less wear on the knife sharpener than dry grinding.

Practical knife sharpener for your trouser pocket

A compact pocket-sized diamond sharpener is particularly suitable for anyone who travels a lot in nature or frequently works outdoors. When closed, such a knife sharpener reaches a length of about 12.7 centimetres. When open and ready for use, it reaches a length of about 24 centimetres. Thanks to these handy dimensions, it is no problem to always have the sharpener at hand. Such a diamond sharpener for the trouser pocket is also available in four different grain sizes. Therefore the palette ranges from extra coarse to extra fine. This is so advantageous because not only knives, but also garden tools and other cutting tools can be sharpened with such a knife sharpener.

Advantages of diamond sharpeners

These knife sharpeners are of high quality and have a long durability. A further advantage is that no effort is required to sharpen the knife. It is sufficient to pull the blunt knife a few times over the knife sharpener. Then the blade is sharp again. Oil is not required for sharpening. However, water can easily be used to reduce wear.

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