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Water filters

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How a water filter works depends on how it was designed. The fact is that there is no clean drinking water available for camping, adventure holidays and many other leisure activities. A filter that cleans existing water is therefore essential. At we offer a wide range of high-quality water filters for outdoor use.##mehr##

Water filters for leisure and camping buy online at

All outdoor enthusiasts will find suitable filters in our online shop to efficiently filter water on the next trip or during the next holiday. After the filtering process, you have drinking water of good quality at your disposal, which you can enjoy without hesitation. We stock pump filters, gravitational filters and filter drinking bottles from various renowned manufacturers in excellent quality. Discover our Katadyn, Lifesaver and DrinkPure products, among others. These are characterised by outstanding quality and have already proven themselves thousands of times in practice. If you do not want to do without clean drinking water when travelling all over the world, these filters are the optimal solution for you.

Compact and therefore easy to transport

The majority of the water filters available from us are characterised by their compact mass. This makes transport easier and, among other things, allows them to be stored in a trekking backpack without taking up too much space. Of course, the water filters are made of robust materials. Thus they easily withstand the heavy loads of everyday outdoor use and are reliable companions even in extreme situations.

Different functions, one goal: clean water

The easiest to use are the filter drinking bottles available from us. Using a particularly fine integrated filter, they reliably remove sediments as well as cysts and bacteria from fresh water taken from lakes, rivers or similar sources. In addition, these water filters are so compact that they can easily be worn on the body. Our pump filters, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for supplying water to groups. They filter fresh water with the same high quality and also convince with high flow rates of several litres per minute. The gravitational filters, which you can find in our online shop, are also extremely reliable. These water filters sometimes even contain special filter units that seal themselves at the end of their service life. These products thus prevent the consumption of fresh water that has not been cleaned by mistake. In addition to efficient water filters, you will find numerous other useful tools for outdoor use in our shop, from compact hatchets to camping lamps and cookers in high-quality and robust quality.

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