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Welcome to the world of water filters at Swiss-Sale.ch. Whether you love outdoor adventures or are embarking on a survival expedition, a reliable water filter is essential. Here, you will find a wide selection of high-quality water filters designed for outdoor use. Explore the different types of water filters, their functionalities, and purchase your ideal companion for clean drinking water today.

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Our adventure began back in 2003, when I, Jérôme Bertschy, founded Swiss-Sale.ch out of my passion for technology and nature. A year later, in 2004, the predecessor company was entered in the Zug commercial register.

Our vision was to offer high-quality Swiss products online - an idea that initially encountered a few obstacles. Nevertheless, we were able to assert ourselves and are now one of the largest providers of technical outdoor equipment in Switzerland. Our range is aimed at adventurers, hunters and campers, whom we supply with first-class equipment.

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Water Filters for Outdoor Use: Protection against Pathogens

Efficient Water Filters for Recreation and Camping

In our online shop, outdoor enthusiasts will find suitable filters to efficiently purify water on their next adventures. With these high-quality water filters, you can enjoy high-quality drinking water after the filtration process without any concerns. We offer pump filters, gravity filters, and filter water bottles from renowned manufacturers such as Katadyn, Lifesaver, and DrinkPure. These products are known for their outstanding quality and have proven themselves in practice thousands of times. If you don't want to compromise on clean drinking water during your travels worldwide, these water filters are the optimal solution for you.

Compact and Easy to Transport

Most of our water filters are compact and easy to transport. They fit easily into a trekking backpack without taking up too much space. Of course, the water filters are made of robust materials to withstand the challenges of outdoor life. They are reliable companions, even in extreme situations.

Different Mechanisms, One Goal: Clean Water

The filter water bottles available in our shop are particularly easy to use. With their finely integrated filters, they effectively remove sediments, cysts, and bacteria from freshwater taken from sources such as lakes or rivers. These water filters are also compact enough to be carried on your person without any hassle. Our pump filters are ideal for providing water to groups. They filter freshwater with high quality and impress with high flow rates of several liters per minute. Equally reliable are the gravity filters you can find in our online shop. Some of these water filters even feature special filter units that automatically seal themselves at the end of their lifespan. This prevents accidentally consuming untreated freshwater.

In addition to efficient water filters, our shop offers numerous other useful tools for outdoor use. From compact axes to camping lanterns and high-quality, durable stoves, we provide you with a wide selection.

Discover the variety of water filters at Swiss-Sale.ch and purchase the water filter that suits your needs. Whether you're camping, hiking, or embarking on a survival adventure, our high-quality water filters ensure that you have access to clean drinking water wherever you go.

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