Folding stool

Discover our diverse selection of folding stools. Practical, lightweight and versatile, they are perfect for your outdoor activities, be it camping, fishing or open-air events. Nothing should stop you from enjoying the outdoors to the fullest!

Practical stools for your outdoor adventures

A stool with telescopic legs proves to be a true all-rounder for all outdoor enthusiasts. Whether camping, around the campfire, fishing, hunting or at an open-air concert - a telescopic stool is always a useful companion. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport and allows you to create a comfortable seat anytime, anywhere.

Folding stools - ideal for any adventure

Lightweight and portable, tripod stools are ideal for carrying on all your adventures. Whether you're planning a day at the lake, going on a long hike, or attending a music festival, you'll always have a comfortable seat with you with these stools. What's more, they're sturdy and stable enough to withstand even the toughest conditions.

Telescopic stools - outdoor comfort

A sturdy tripod stool should not be missing from any trip. There are situations when standing is difficult or simply not practical. Then a telescopic stool with extendable legs proves to be extremely helpful. It is a useful utensil for those who like to be outdoors and do not want to sacrifice comfort.

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