Carving Tools

In our carving tool shop you will find a variety of different carving tools, carving knives, complete carving sets and much more. Carving knives, also known as carving tools, are tools for shaping and working with wood by scraping off material. They are commonly used in woodworking, model making and art. In this article we will look at the different types of carving knives, their uses and how they work.

Professional carving tools for creative hours

Carving knives are tools that are mainly used for carving wood. They have a sharp blade that is ideal for removing material and enables precise and detailed shapes to be cut into the wood. There are different types of carving knives that are suitable for different tasks and requirements.

The basic shape carving knife for rough work

One of the most commonly used carving knives is the basic shape carving knife. This knife has a wide blade that makes it possible to remove large areas quickly and easily. It is great for creating rough shapes and is an essential carving tool for any beginner.

The detail carving knife for fine work

Another important carving knife is the detail carving knife. It has a narrow and long blade that allows you to make precise cuts and create fine details. It is great for creating small and complex shapes and is an essential tool for experienced carvers.

The spoon carving knife to carve out recesses

The spoon carving knife is a special carving tool used mainly for carving spoons and ladles. It has a sharp blade that is ideal for removing material and allows precise and detailed shapes to be cut into the wood.

Special shape carving knives for more details

There are also a variety of other special carving knives, such as the round shape carving knife and the angle carving knife, which are designed for specific tasks and requirements. Overall, carving knives are an indispensable tool for anyone who practices wood Carving.

When buying a carving knife, it is important to choose the right tool for the work you plan to do. It is also important to ensure that the knife is sharp and in good condition to ensure accurate and safe carving. It is good practice to regularly sharpen and maintain knives.

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