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Following the 2004 tsunami and Hurricane...


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Following the 2004 tsunami and Hurricane Katrina a few months later, Michael Pritchard, a water treatment expert, set to work in his garage. It annoyed the engineers immensely that people had to suffer from the lack of clean drinking water in catastrophes. He wanted to develop a hand filter that would enable everyone not to have to wait for governments to take action in such situations. ##mehr##His intensive work led to success. In Colchester, England, he developed the prototype LifeSaver hand filter. A bottle with a replaceable filter system, which is able to filter viruses, bacteria and small parts out of polluted water. Polluted waters, pond water, even waste water can be filtered and then drunk as sterile and clean water. At an exhibition in London in 2007, the engineer presented his LifeSaver prototype. The filter received the label, best technology. The 1000 pieces of his already manufactured LifeSaver hand filters were sold out within four hours. Out into the world, into wild nature, into countries where there is a lack of clean drinking water, these are often outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for an alternative to everyday life. For such adventurers many vital aids are needed. During humanitarian missions, water is also a topic that Michael Pritchard dealt with. It would also be possible to supply a large part of humanity with clean drinking water using the filter canisters or the larger filter systems from LifeSaver.

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