Tentsile develops tents of a special kind....

Tentsile develops tents of a special kind. These so-called tree tents are stretched upwards thanks to three anchor points. This creates a unique and very comfortable living space between the trees. In addition to tree tents for up to three people, Tentsile also offers various supplementary items, so that multi-storey tree tent constructions can be created. With multi-storey constructions, the tree tents can be connected with hanging ladders, and the Tentsile hammocks also serve as additional levels. ##mehr##
Tentsile was created by an English architect who was inspired by the destruction of the Amazon rainforests and the Ewok Tree Village on Endor in "Jedi Return" when he was six years old.
A Tentsile tree tent needs at best three trees, otherwise the system doesn't work. Tentsile takes the issue of sustainability very seriously and wants to use its products to raise awareness that our trees and forests are an important good worth protecting.

Hence the promise of Tentsile, in cooperation with WeForest and The Eden Projects.
"For every tree tent sold, 3 trees are planted."

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