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A compass is indispensable for determining the direction in the terrain when hiking, running or climbing and belongs in every backpack. Especially when hiking in the mountains, compasses help with navigation. An app is not a suitable option for mountain hikers, but in the city a game app can make it easier to find the right road. With a compass you can determine your location in unknown regions and find the right route. In our online shop you can buy a simple baseplate compass, a professional mirror compass or a small key fob - the right navigation aid for every need.##mehr##

Compass - Explanation of terms and mode of action

The term compass comes from Italian. Compasso means "compass, magnetic needle". The instrument was originally used primarily in seafaring to determine the direction independently of the stars. The classic magnetic compass uses the earth's magnetic field. It uses a movable compass needle to indicate the north, allowing all other directions to be determined. The task of a compass is not particularly complex. Nevertheless, there are big differences in the equipment. In addition to a needle, a rose, clear lettering and a robust housing, the compass box with mirror also helps with exact bearing.  In order to be able to navigate well and reliably when hiking, the small device should meet some minimum requirements.

Features for map navigation

The compass box is the movable ring with which you set the degree of deviation from the magnetic north. Without a compass box it is not possible to determine the position. The bottom of the compass should be as transparent as possible. In addition, the north-south lines must be clearly visible. With the help of the lines you can "north" the compass directly on the hiking map or map. Ideally, the needle should be sprung or damped by a liquid bed so that it does not tremble and sway with every movement. Fluorescent markings help you to make the necessary bearing in the dark. High-quality compasses are equipped with a ruler and magnifying glass to better recognize details on a topographic map and to better determine distances. When shipped, each of our branded instruments is carefully packaged and protected against interference.

Mirror compass for bearing in the terrain

Many know the marching compass or also the bearing compass from their boy scout time or from the scavenger hunt in the holiday camp. The marching compass is always equipped with a mirror. Because the compass has to be held in a horizontal position, both on the ground and on the map, it is difficult to see the needle pointing the way and the markings on the compass box during use. A mirror eliminates this shortcoming and helps to locate and set up the compass. Always carry a compass with you when hiking in unknown terrain or on mountain tours. Compasses are also useful for those who are familiar with the area at high altitudes - for example for navigation in sudden weather changes with fog and heavy cloud formation. Never lose sight of your destination and find the right way!

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