TexEnergy: Off-grid power for adventurers...

TexEnergy: Off-grid power for adventurers

Texenergy produces high-quality solutions for off-grid power supply. With Texenergy products you produce your own electricity. Whether hiking, camping or travelling. Alternative energy sources can help you wherever there is no fixed power connection; this is also referred to as off-grid power. Texenergy ensures that you can recharge all your electronic devices with wind, sun or your own power.
TexEnergy is a young English company that has been in existence since 2015 and deals with the topic of off-grid energy supply. It is the passion of experienced engineers and professors to develop and manufacture products for energy generation and storage so that mobile devices can be used far away from the power grid. The 100% reliable and portable energy can be generated with sun, wind and uniquely by hand anywhere in the world. The company has already received awards for innovation in industry. Portable energy inspires, so also the company Texenergy and it will come also in the future further innovative products on the market. Technology is in constant flux, became more and more an integral part of our lives, opened ways for us in entertainment, research and communication. Today our world has become smaller for us, the possibilities of travelling to the farthest corners of the earth are absolutely no obstacle. For this we often need an alternative possibility, a source from which we can supply the devices. Portable energy is "nice to have" because we want to be able to power the GPS, the mobile phone or a radio. An absolute necessity for medical operations, in the event of natural disasters or the political and civil unrest that prevails on our planet. Texenergy strives to be supportive in the area of humanity and to be able to provide assistance through technological innovation. Texenergy products are used, for example, by outdoor and leisure users, helpers and doctors, in research and adventure.

TexEnergy: Great and imaginative designs

Texenergy manufactures e.g. super compact, portable wind turbines. So small and light that the weight in your backpack is hardly noticeable, but powerful enough to fully charge a smartphone in four hours. With a passion for mountaineering, Texenergy creates sustainable solutions for energy supply. Products you can rely on!
The products look like funny little gadgets. However, one also notices that the people behind these Texenergy products have a serious background in design and technology. You will immediately realise that the people at Texenergy have correctly thought about which materials to use and what practical benefits the products must have. No toys, but equipment you can rely on!

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