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Photo traps & Trail cameras

Game cameras are not only an excellent accessory for hunting, but also secure properties or prepare families exciting experiences exploring the nature around them. In our store you can find photo traps and game cameras in hobby and professional equipment.

Game cameras & photo traps for perfect animal observation - Discover our extensive range in the outdoor store!

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Photo traps for building and property protection

You want to make your property as safe as possible, but you want to use legal technology. Then wildlife cameras are the perfect choice. They only trigger when a human or animal intruder ventures onto your property and passes the wildlife camera within a few meters. The photo trap triggers and records what happens for you in individual images. This way, you have evidence at hand when evaluating the images. Most game cameras also take good pictures at night, on which people can be easily identified without suspecting that they have been filmed.

Observing animals with a wildlife camera

Our local nature is diverse, but not all animals can be observed well. If you want to teach children and family about the animal world, the wildlife camera is a great way to film animals undisturbed and later look together at what the photo trap has recorded. Foxes, badgers, birds of prey and deer are recorded by the wildlife camera before they can notice the subtle infrared light at night. The camouflage colors of the professional models also ensure this.

Experience the next level of wildlife observation with our photo trap with SIM card.

Discover the revolutionary Photo Traps with SIM card and experience a whole new level of wildlife viewing. These advanced wildlife cameras allow you to stream real-time photos and videos to your cell phone or other devices, no matter where you are. Photo traps with SIM cards are perfect for hunters, naturalists, and any outdoor enthusiast who needs accurate and immediate monitoring of their wildlife.

Use photo traps for hunting

Use a photo trap to get to know your hunting area in a new way. Set up game cameras to find out where which game is or locate the favorite spot of a coveted buck. Photo traps are weather resistant and can be placed freely in woods and meadows without disturbing nature. Photo traps are allowed as accessories in hunting and do not interfere with other hunters, hikers and visitors.

Buy game cameras in Switzerland

We offer all outdoor enthusiasts a wide selection of different wildlife cameras for every recreational use. Discover our smallest camera, the Primos Bullet Proof 2 with a resolution of 8MP or opt for a professional camera like the photo trap Bushnell NatureView Cam HD, which can record videos in 1080p HD resolution and shoot razor-sharp close-ups thanks to lenses. With a game camera you will always have everything in view and, thanks to the long functionality of the batteries and rechargeable batteries, you can leave the camera unattended for a few days to evaluate photos and videos later at home. Discover devices from Boly, Bushnell and Primos at great prices.

Order now and receive photo trap in under 3 days

Swiss-Sale is your online store for outdoor accessories in Switzerland. Order your photo trap and game camera today and receive your new game camera within 3 business days. We offer a reliable and discreet service and a large selection.

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