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Which outdoor stove is right for you? As specialists in outdoor and recreational equipment, we at Swiss-Sale.ch offer a wide selection of stoves for camping and other outdoor activities. Explore our versatile range and conveniently and safely order online!

Equipped for every adventure: Our selection of outdoor stoves

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If you don't want to chop wood every time you need to heat water or cook a meal while camping, a practical gas stove will make your life much easier. Such a portable stove should be an essential part of any adventurer's, avid camper's, and nature enthusiast's gear. In our shop, you'll find numerous well-crafted outdoor stoves from renowned manufacturers that will reliably accompany you on every excursion and trip.

Gas or eco-friendly fuel: The choice is yours

Our specialized online store offers outdoor stoves in various designs. We stock gas stoves in different variants, which can be operated with refillable gas bottles or gas cartridges. The latter option is particularly suitable when the gas stove is to be used for camping, fishing, or other outdoor activities where traditional gas bottles would be too bulky to carry for the entire trip. At Swiss-Sale.ch, you can choose from gas stoves by Optimus, a brand known for its high-quality products.

If you prefer to be completely self-sufficient with your camping stove, opt for a model that can utilize various fuels that you can find on your journey. The outdoor stoves from Kelly Kettle excel in meeting this demand. They serve as versatile emergency stoves that can boil water or prepare a wide range of dishes. Simply fill the base of the stove with any available fuel, such as wood, pine cones, bark, or even dried animal dung. Then, place the water container or cooking attachment on the base, and your Kelly Kettle camping stove is ready for any task.

Professional equipment for outdoor enthusiasts

All our outdoor stoves are characterized by their durability, longevity, and functionality, making them ideal for passionate campers and adventurers. Shipping within Switzerland is usually free, while customers from abroad can easily calculate their shipping costs by adding the desired camping products to the shopping cart. Please note that if you order your outdoor stove from abroad, you may be subject to additional customs duties or import taxes, which are to be paid in accordance with the regulations of your home country's authorities.

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