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It all began in Ireland in 1890 when Patrick...

Kelly Kettle

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It all began in Ireland in 1890 when Patrick Kelly, a simple farmer and fisherman, tinkered with a kettle in his workshop. He desperately needed a kettle to cook water for his tea while fishing. In the beginning, he did not want to succeed as the fisherman had imagined, but he was inspired by the idea that copper was the right material and that it worked. So he made the first kettle and gained great admiration among the anglers. The Kelly Kettle company developed and is now in its fourth generation. ##mehr##
The takeover of the company in 2005 was initially under a bad star. The outdoor cooking utensils made of aluminium, as produced by Kelly's father, were no longer in demand and out of fashion. Samus and Patrick had to act to save the Kelly Kettle company. They put everything on one card, invested a lot, converted the production to stainless steel and it had paid off. With the cooking systems Base Camp, Scout Set, the Trekker water boiler, pots, pans, cups and much more, the new generation was born. Kelly Kettle outdoor utensils shone in exquisite stainless steel. Today the Irish company is in international demand. Another Hobo Stove accessory came onto the market in 2014 and soon followed the high-quality stainless steel plate and cup set, which proved to be very popular among users. The Volcano-Kettle kettle, known among users, has remained a family tradition to this day. The Kelly Kettle company is always looking ahead, striving to serve the outdoor user with cooking equipment and accessories in high quality.

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