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Which flashlight is the best for hunting, which is suitable for camping, outdoor and survival? As your special mail order company for high-quality leisure equipment, we offer you a large selection of tactical flashlights and flashlights from leading manufacturers and for all conceivable fields of application.


LED or conventional light bulb: the choice is yours

In our flashlight shop you can buy either flashlights with modern, energy-efficient LED technology or models with the proven incandescent lamp technology. Regardless of which alternative you choose, you benefit from maximum robustness and resilience. All the lamps we offer have been specially developed for outdoor, survival and adventure purposes. They are characterised by particularly stable housings, are usually impact-resistant and in many cases even waterproof or protected against splashing water.

A light in dark places: Your powerful flashlight from

A reliable and at the same time bright light source can be essential for survival away from civilization. A torch should therefore not only have the longest possible battery life. A high lumen value is also desirable. The higher this value, the brighter the flashlight. Some of the lamps we offer have a range of several hundred meters. Their cone of light is therefore visible from afar, which is invaluable, for example, during car breakdowns in the dark or during night hikes. But the lumen value is not the only characteristic you should pay attention to when buying a flashlight. Also, check that the size and weight of the torch is suitable for your needs and that it can be easily stowed in your luggage.

Buy durable and well crafted flashlights from reputable manufacturers

Our shop offer has a large selection of professional flashlights from renowned manufacturers ready for you. For example, you can order Fenix, MAGLite, de.power and LiteXpress. We have the right lamp for every application. In addition to hunting lamps and diving lamps, we offer rod lamps in various lengths for tactical and security use. Whether for camping, your next adventure holiday or as an addition to the emergency equipment in the car - with a flashlight from you are prepared for all situations.

Maximum luminous efficacy with long running times: the LED flashlight

Many lamps with conventional incandescent lamps are still available from us. However, most renowned manufacturers have successively converted their product ranges to LED technology in recent years. It combines several advantages that have a positive impact on the use of flashlights in outdoor activities and in survival and safety applications, among other things. Since LEDs consume significantly less electricity, the operating life of such a torch is often many times longer than with conventional technology. Modern lamps equipped with LEDs often have luminous intensities of several hundred lumens. They are therefore not only more durable, but also significantly brighter. Due to the compact design of the LEDs, other useful technology can be integrated into such a torch, such as amplifying lenses or light sources in different colours. In many cases, flashlights with LEDs have a lower weight than comparable devices with incandescent lamp technology. They are therefore easier to handle.

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