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A few years ago, a headlamp was only part of the basic equipment of mountaineers and outdoor athletes. Anyone who has ever looked for something outside in the dark will appreciate the advantages of an LED headlamp. In the meantime, headlamps have established themselves in many areas of life. They have become an indispensable companion for cyclists, joggers, hikers, campers, garden owners and dog owners. The light on your head also serves you well when reading in a tent. Like the flashlight, the headlamp belongs in every household and should always be ready to hand during outdoor activities.... more...

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Headlamps turn night into day

A headlamp is comfortable, practical and versatile. Once attached and switched on, the function and benefits are self-explanatory: the hands remain free. The small headlight illuminates the field of vision optimally and is a blessing for active people. In spring and autumn, the darkness will quickly surprise you during outdoor activities or walks in the woods. Changes in the weather can suddenly turn a sunny day into a dark night. Outdoors, you need good visibility in any weather and at any time to seek shelter in an emergency. If you have a good view of your path, you will not get lost easily, you will notice tripping hazards in time and you can avoid injuries caused by falls. With a headlamp, however, you can immediately see where you are going.

Easy handling, suitable for every head

The small lamp is set by means of the flexible, broad elastic band simply like a cap on the head or fastened to a helmet. The direction of the LED spotlight can also be adjusted. Thus they have an exact, bright view and the hands remain free, for example, to study the map during a night walk, to set up a tent in the dark or to see better during night fishing. For anglers and animal observers there are headlamps with red light function. A headlamp is also an ideal light source for the evening jogging or gas ride with the dog in the unlit park.

Perfect illumination with LED modules

Modern LED headlights have several light modes. At the push of a button, the light cone of the headlamp can be individually adjusted and focused to the respective conditions. Conventional LED headlamps are powered by batteries located in a separate battery compartment or directly in the housing. Professional headlamps for the alpine area have powerful battery packs and thus a significantly longer light output. Inexperienced mountaineers and hikers are often surprised by the onset of darkness and wander around almost blindly. An external light source is therefore one of the most important safety equipment for outdoor activists.

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