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The Katadyn company is a group of companies with its headquarters in Kemtthal in the Zurich Oberland, and is represented in Europe, the USA and Asia. The cornerstone of our lives, but water is clean. The specialist and world market leader Katadhyn produces mobile, individual water treatment systems and products for the outdoor and marine sector. ... more...
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Everyone is aware that the consumption of clean water is not guaranteed everywhere, often the possibility is non-existent. It started 80 years ago, and Katadyn started developing special water purification systems. The Katadyn Group, a global company, is the world market leader in water purification systems with a 50% stake. Katadyn's range of services includes water filters, disinfectants and desalinators. Outdoor cookers and accessories, up to freeze-dried special foods. Extensive offerings to help outdoor users, humanitarian agencies, the military and holiday travellers.