Welcome to our outdoor store, where we offer an extensive selection of high-quality machetes and bushmakers for outdoor use. Whether you are an experienced adventurer or an outdoor enthusiast, our rugged tools are the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure. The right machete for every application. The quality of a machete depends on two important factors; firstly, the steel used and secondly, by a perfectly balanced construction. Discover our versatile models from leading brands and choose the right tool for your needs. Order online today and be ready for your next outdoor adventure!

Machetes - robust tools for outdoor use

The use of machetes has long been proven in the outdoor field. These tools are ideal for use in the wilderness, camping or hiking. The sturdy blades and handles make it possible to effortlessly tackle even difficult tasks such as cutting wood or removing branches. In our outdoor store, we offer a wide selection of high-quality machetes and bushm knives that are specially designed for outdoor use.

Machetes - versatile tools for your outdoor adventure

Machetes are true all-rounders and are appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. The blades are usually between 30 and 60 cm long and have a sharp, wide cutting edge that is suitable for cutting wood as well as removing grass and brush. Most models also have a handle that ensures a secure grip while providing good control.

Bushmesser - compact and effective in outdoor use.

Bush knives are smaller and more compact than machetes and are ideal for outdoor use. The blades are usually between 10 and 25 cm long and have a sharp point that can be used for cutting meat, fish and vegetables. Most models also have a handle that provides a good grip while being easy to carry.

Robust materials for a long life

Our machetes and bushm knives are made of high-quality materials that ensure long life and excellent performance. The blades are usually made of stainless steel or carbon steel, while the handles are made of sturdy plastic or wood. We also offer models with non-slip handles or ergonomic handles for comfortable handling.

Discover our wide selection of machetes and bushm knives.

In our outdoor store you will find a wide selection of machetes and bush knives for every need and budget. We carry models from renowned brands like Gerber, Condor, Cold Steel or Opinel. Whether you are looking for a light and compact machete for hiking or a robust bush knife for survival training, you will find it here. Convince yourself of the quality and performance range of our products and order online today!

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