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 The world-famous company Maglite, manufacturer...


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The world-famous company Maglite, manufacturer of flashlights and accessories. The fascinating success story about a man who reached his goal with discipline and dedication. Anthony Maglica, who was born in New York City in 1930, grew up and had to leave America as a boy with his mother. The reason at that time was the economic downturn, the current big crisis in the country. ##mehr##He spent his youth in Yugoslavia, on the island of Zlarin. As a 20 year old young man he went back to America, the economically weakened Yugoslavia moved him to this step. He found a job as a machinist and quickly acquired the missing knowledge of the English language. Maglica used his free time in his garage, experimenting with metal parts. With a metal lathe, which he could buy by chance with his last money, he produced machine parts, which he sold afterwards. In the same garage in Los Angeles, he opened his own machine shop with the money he had saved. In 1974 Anthony Maglica founded the company Mag Instrument Inc. in Ontario and so the company was born for imaginative, creative products. In the founding year, the first D-Cell battery-powered Maglite came onto the market as a portable lighting torch. This was followed by rechargeable torches and miniature models, all in well-covered designs. The company grew rapidly and became world famous. The Maglite production was carried out under one roof, so Maglica always had the control of the manufacturing process in mind. At the age of 73, the founder Anthony Maglica worked 18 hours a day in his company. His weakness was to combine robustness, reliability and quality. The development history of Maglite would be rich in films.

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