RFX+CARE: Your partner for high quality and...

RFX+CARE: Your partner for high quality and affordable private label products

RFX+CARE is a brand that has been manufacturing high-quality private label products since 1979. Known for its remarkable quality and competitive prices, this brand specializes in medical, cosmetic, personal protective equipment and healthcare products. With extensive experience and a commitment to continuous development, RFX+CARE stands out for its wide range of products, innovative designs and packaging solutions.

Quality and Affordability: The Mission of RFX+CARE

The mission of RFX+CARE, as expressed by CEO Ulrich Oppenhejm, is to develop and manufacture high-quality private label products that are affordable for everyone.

Innovation and Development: The Pillars of RFX+CARE

RFX+CARE combines experience with innovation to deliver products that excel in both their effectiveness and accessibility. Despite their specialization in a wide range of product categories, each item RFX+CARE brings to market is the result of careful research, planning, and execution.

RFX+CARE: A Brand Built on Trust

RFX+CARE sets the standard in the manufacturing of private label products and is the trusted partner for those seeking high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions.

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