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Gerber Bear Grylls

His face is well known in the circles of survival and adventure enthusiasts. Early on he devoted himself to martial arts, climbed and sailed, practiced extremes and developed into a unique survival artist. With a knife, flintstone and a bottle of water, the British SAS soldier (Special Unit of the British Army Reserve) Edward Michael Grylls proved what was possible. ... more...
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The hatchet, flintstone, survival bracelet, emergency whistle and much more were other aids he used on his survival expeditions. Gryll's adventures often pushed him to the limits of what was possible without food and water. Drinking his own urine, being exposed in the wilderness, living with the cold, looking for the best opportunities, among other things, were constellations he had to defy. To be able to survive in extreme life situations was what he wanted to prove with his expeditions.