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The SwissPiranha brand is a 100% Swiss company. The product of SwissPiranha was developed on the basis of a tent tour. Since traditional types of fastening, such as conventional pegs (metal nails), showed signs of wear after repeated use, broke or even deformed, and there was also an increased risk of injury, Beat Wietlisbach came up with the idea to invent something new. The high-performance plastic PiranhaNT was developed. SwissPiranha herrings are very safe, lightweight and have a higher tear-out force than conventional tent herrings. ... more...
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Today SwissPiranha anchors are offered on the market for large, medium and small tents, tipis or tarps. The SwissPiranha anchors can be used in snow, sand and on firm ground and are very safe, extremely light and have an increased tear-out force. The innovative anchoring option and the corresponding accessories for tents, shelters, etc. SwissPiranha, will delight every outdoor user.