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In our Multitool Shop you will find a variety of different Multitools. These practical multi-functional tools are suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Of course we only offer high quality multitools of the highest quality and well-known multitool manufacturers like Gerber. We cover all requirements, from the rather simple, small Multitool up to the large, robust Multi Tool. Of course, the highest quality and functionality always come first with products such as a multifunctional tool.... more...

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Multitools in our assortment

In the Multitool Shop of we have a large selection of Multitools. Of course, you will find in our shop various multitools of the classic form, which have a pliers as a central tool. In this category you will find in our Multitool assortment multifunctional tools from Gerber of the series Suspension, Diesel or Dime, as well as Gerber MP1 or Gerber Strata. In addition to multitools of the classic design with pliers as the central element, you can also buy many other shapes in our multitool shop. For example you will find the multifunctional tools from the Gerber GDC series. These include Allen key sets as Multitool, screwdriver sets as Multi Tool or a practical LED lamp with bottle opener. The Multitools of the GDC series are so small and light that they are suitable for attaching to zippers of jackets or bags. In addition to the standard products of the Gerber brand, you can also buy Multitool special editions of the well-known adventurer and documentary filmmaker Bear Grylls.

What is a Multiool?

A multifunctional tool, also known as Multitool or Multi Tool, is a tool which is worn in a classic way on a belt or in a trouser pocket. Often such a tool is also called Leatherman (so-called generic name), which corresponds to the brand name of an American manufacturer. A Multi Tool unites different individual tools in itself. The design with a multi-function pliers as the central element and other tools in the handle is widely used. Such additional tools are for example blades, wire cutters, screwdrivers, mandrels, metal files, saws or scissors. In addition, there are many other designs which have often been specially developed for specific applications. There are also very small examples which can be worn as key rings.

Applications for a Multitool

Naturally, a multitool is suitable for a wide range of applications and purposes. A multi tool is particularly popular with campers, scouts and in the outdoor and adventurous sector. Multifunctional tools are also very popular as practical and always handy tools in everyday life. Today, however, multitools are not only practical companions in everyday life or for outdoor use; multitools have also found their way into the equipment of a wide variety of occupational groups. Multifunctional tools are part of tool boxes and workbenches, equipment in mobile workshops, craftsmen's vehicles and transporters as well as practical tools in trouser pockets. Meanwhile, there are even various multitool designs for certain occupational groups, which contain corresponding tools. Of course, all Multitools in our Multitool Shop are perfectly suited for outdoor use and everyday use as well as for professional use by craftsmen as multifunctional tools.