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Micro-pur now stands for disinfecting and conserving water. History goes back to the year 1928. Alexander Krause developed at that time a new means, it should serve the treatment and preservation of water. Silver chloride, the crystalline white substance, is still the unchanged basic substance of tablets, powders and the liquid products of Micropur products. Micropur belongs to a Swiss group of companies, headquartered in Kemptthal, the Zurich Oberland. ... more...
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The products manufactured today with the brand name Mikropur are used, for example, in the outdoor area, during holidays, or where one does not trust the given circumstances. Microorganisms in water are responsible for diseases such as amoebae, salmonella or cholera. Silver ions, which are created by dissolving Micropur tablets, liquid agents or powder in the water, kill microorganisms in a targeted manner and also protect against recontamination. Micropur also serves to preserve water for six months, in other words it remains fresh.