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The company has used the past extraordinarily...


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The company has used the past extraordinarily well and thus created a production-oriented future for itself. Over the years, a wide range of robust, durable outdoor equipment has been created. Gerber stands for innovation, application-relevant, task-specific knives, equipment and tools. ##mehr##
The brand Gerber exists since 1939, founder of the company at that time was the advertising expert Josef Gerber. At the beginning, Gerber produced handmade cutlery in a modest setting. The name Gerber quickly became known and had already developed into a renowned company in 1960. The company established itself in the survival sector and became a manufacturer of various helpful, useful and high-quality tools. Since the founding years, Gerber has developed steadily, working on new ideas, which has contributed significantly to the current status of the company. A great name in the outdoor sector. The spades, shovels, machetes, the range of knives, there are almost no limits. The selection includes a wide range of blades, opening, closing and locking types. Gerber is also known as a toolbox for many outdoor users.

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