Sleeping gear & Hygiene

Welcome to the Overnight & Hygiene category on, where adventure enthusiasts will find everything needed for a comfortable and hygienic night outdoors. Whether you are trekking through the mountains, camping by the lake, or sleeping under the stars, our high-quality products ensure a fulfilling experience.

Essential Gear for Overnight Stays and Hygiene in the Great Outdoors

Overnight Accommodation Essentials

Embarking on an outdoor adventure requires a thoughtful selection of equipment. Depending on the season, weather, terrain, and location, you may opt for conventional tents, tree tents, or the romantic notion of sleeping under the open sky. When setting out on foot or camping for an extended period, there are several essentials to consider.

Sleeping Gear for Ultimate Comfort

The choice of a sleeping bag is crucial. At, you can purchase sleeping bags tailored for various climates, ensuring a warm night's sleep. A travel pillow and sleeping mat are indispensable for comfort. For those who prefer to sleep suspended, our hammocks are a fantastic addition to your outdoor gear.

Hygiene Essentials for Fresh Adventures

Maintaining hygiene during outdoor escapades is paramount. Our selection of travel towels, travel toothbrushes, and additional accessories ensure that you stay fresh throughout your adventure.

Tent Anchoring and Accessories

A secured tent is vital for a worry-free night. Our range includes sturdy tent pegs and anchoring systems that stand strong against the elements. Don’t let the wind disrupt your peace; buy reliable anchoring solutions at

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Jonhy Wee unisex pee bag - 3 pieces
Jonhy Wee unisex pee bag - 3 pieces
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Jonhy Wee unisex pee bag - 3 pieces
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Tentsile Drinks Holder
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Tentsile Drinks Holder
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