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The young Bavarian company Grüezi Bag has...

Grüezi Bag

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The young Bavarian company Grüezi Bag has set itself a target and entered the market with sleeping bags. Various materials such as down and wool were combined, resulting in DOWNWOOL, a highlight of the Grüezi-Bag company. Finding the way, seizing the opportunity to compete with established competitors was a big challenge for Markus Wiesböck, owner and founder of Grüezi Bag. ##mehr##In the Bavarian town of Feilenbach a lot of development work was done. After countless tests and trials, the suitable material mixture was finally found and the well-deserved breakthrough was achieved. Markus Wiesböck was the first manufacturer to produce the sleeping bag with pure natural wool in 2015. Wool is able to absorb odours, is ungracious to bacteria and is also a renewable raw material. With this sleeping bag an excellent product has been created, it fulfils its purpose brilliantly, protects the environment and is recyclable. Grüezi Bag is convinced that it can offer the user a good, healthy night's sleep. Other sleeping bag models and useful outdoor products are also manufactured by Grüezi Bag.

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