Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kit 1.6l stainless steel
Outdoor cooking system - stainless steel 1.6 liter water stove - incl. stainless steel cooking set, cooking pot holder, steam whistle and carrying bag

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Kelly Kettle Base Camp Set - 1.6 Liter Kettle and Cooking Stove

The Kelly Kettle Base Camp Set consists of the environmentally friendly, simple and very efficient outdoor water kettle, as well as a pot holder and a cooking set.

The Kelly Kettle camping stove consists of a double-walled stainless steel container and a fire base, also made of stainless steel. The operation is very simple; pour 1.6 liters of water into the kettle, start a fire in the fire base and put the kettle on. The chimney effect ensures that the fire is always supplied with sufficient oxygen. Inside the boiler, the hot exhaust air rises to the top, bringing the water to a boil within 3-5 minutes. Additional fuel can be easily added from above through the chimney.

As fuel serve small branches, pine cones, bark, dry grass, animal dung, etc., so the camping stove can be used at virtually any location. For the Kelly Kettle Base Camp you do not need batteries, no gas, just free fuel. This way you will have hot water for tea, coffee, to rehydrate food, for a water bath or for cooking in no time, thisCO2 neutral, even under extreme weather conditions.

With the Kelly Kettle stove you not only brew liquids, but you can cook with it at the same time. For this purpose, this set includes a pot holder and a cooking set. The top holder is put together and placed on top of the kettle, this creates a support for different pots and pans. The included cooking set consists of a 0.85 liter pot, a lid, a grill rack and a pot gripper. The cooking set offers two cooking options, either with the pot holder over the kettle or with the grill grate directly over the fire base.

The reliable Kelly Kettle Base Camp Set is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear, whether you are an angler, hunter, scout, or for your next outdoor adventure such as camping, picnicking, hunting, survival, humanitarian aid, etc.

Tip: For transport, all components can be stacked into each other to save space and stored in the storage bag.
  • Kelly Kettles are suitable for survival, camping, picnics, scouting, fishing, hunting and more
  • No batteries, No gas - just free, environmentally friendly burning material
  • Works with any fuel - branches, dry grass, bark, pine cones - even dry animal dung
  • No open fire - the fire burns in the kettle and fire bowl
  • Camping gear for wilderness survival, emergency preparedness, or as an emergency kit
  • Lightweight, compact, durable and works well in extreme weather conditions
  • CO2 neutral, environmentally friendly camping
  • No travel restrictions (airplanes, etc.)
  • Brew water and boil at the same time!
Specifications Kelly Kettle Base Camp Kettle
MaterialStainless steel
Volume (water)1.6 liters
Diameter18.5 cm (widest part)
Height33 cm
Weight1600 g
Specifications Kelly Kettle cooking set
MaterialStainless steel
Pot capacity0.85 liters
Diameter13.3 cm
Height7.3 cm
Weight320 g
Scope of delivery
  • Kelly Kettle Base Camp kettle
  • Fire bowl
  • Steam whistle
  • Stainless steel pot 0.85 liter
  • Stainless steel pan (pot lid)
  • Stainless steel gripper (handle for pots)
  • Grill grate (foldable)
  • Pot holder (2 pieces)
  • Storage bag
  • Safety instructions
  • Instruction manual

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