SwissPiranha RT90 tent peg
Lightweight tent peg made of high performance plastic - 9cm - 3.2 grams - ultralight and compact - impact resistant and unbreakable - no risk of tripping - suitable for hard and soft floors - for 1-2 person tents - 13x less energy needed forr production and recycling - can be cleaned in the dishwasher - can be returned to its original shape in the oven -100% Swiss quality (development and production)

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SwissPiranha RT90 peg 9cm

The lightweight tent peg with just 3.2 grams
The RT90 tent peg from SwissPiranha is made of a high-performance plastic specially developed in Switzerland and offers serious advantages over conventional pegs. The RT90 pegs from Swiss Piranha are unbreakable, very impact resistant, do not twist and are driven straight into the ground, using the foot, a hammer, an axe or stone. This does not create sharp brow or edges, which can damage the tent fabric or scratch equipment. When driving the SwissPiranha peg, the ground underneath is additionally compacted, which results in a higher pull-out force. In addition, the head of the SwissPiranha RT90 is flat on the ground, which massively reduces the risk of tripping or injury. Thanks to the slots in the head of the Swiss Piranha tent peg, the tent ropes can be fixed in the desired place.

The production and recycling of SwissPiranha tent pegs requires 13 times less energy compared to pegs made of aluminum. In addition, a bent SwissPiranha peg can be returned to its original shape without effort by placing it in the oven at 160°C for 5 minutes. The cleaning of the pegs is extremely easy, they can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The SwissPiranha RT90 is suitable for hard as well as for soft grounds and holds small tents (1-2 persons), tarps, picnic blankets, tarpaulins, etc. in place.


  • Special high performance plastic developed in Switzerland
  • Unbreakable and very impact resistant
  • No risk of tripping, as the peg is driven straight and completely into the ground
  • No brow formation when hammering in, thus no risk of injury for man and material
  • Ground is additionally compacted = higher pull-out force
  • SwissPiranhas are suitable for soft and hard soils
  • 13 times less energy required for production and recycling, compared to aluminum pegs
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Can be returned to its original shape in the oven at 160°C.
  • Ultra light and ultra compact
  • 100% Swiss quality (development and production)


Content1 piece
Length90 mm
Diameter head19 mm
Weight3.2 g
Temperature range-30° to +110° Celsius
Bottomhard and soft
Field of application1-2 person tents, tarps, picnic blankets, cover sheets, etc.
MaterialPiranha NT (ABS)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 piece SwissPiranha RT90 peg

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